Signs Your Broken Tooth May Need to Be Extracted

Teeth can chip or break in different ways. This often does not cause pain, but sometimes, removing them is necessary. Broken or chipped teeth can be the cause of infection or can cause cuts on the tongue. Teeth broken with nerve endings exposed can cause severe discomfort when exposed to air and cold or hot beverages. Pain from these broken teeth may be constant or come and go. It may also lead to other worse problems. Many have reported pain while chewing, as it puts more pressure on the teeth.

A few signs that a tooth extraction is necessary for a broken tooth


Out-of-place teeth or teeth that have shifted to the side are impacted teeth>. Impacted teeth are often small and useless, as they are in odd positions, so dentists move them into open spaces. However, some teeth grow too big and they overcrowd the space, leaving no room for the dentist to move them. Overcrowded teeth don’t let other teeth erupt, which is why the dentist will most likely extract it. Sometimes, the dentist will remove a few of the patient’s teeth to make room for essential teeth to move into place.


If a decaying tooth does not receive attention immediately, it can cause an infection in the tooth's pulp. If a tooth's pulp is infected, the decay can pass on to the other teeth. To eradicate this issue, dentists often recommend a root canal therapy if the infection is in its earlier stages. However, if the damage is severe, root canal therapy will prove ineffective, in which case the dentist will have to extract the tooth before it affects the other teeth.

Some dentists extract teeth if there is a chance of infection through genetics or other diseases. For example, those undergoing chemotherapy have comparatively weak cells. This means that these people have a higher chance of getting infected by broken or chipped teeth. Hence, the dentist will have to remove the damaged teeth, as it may be harmful to the patient's oral health.


In most cases, decay in a tooth is treatable. However, when it has become extensive, those procedures cannot achieve the desired results, as the teeth now are unsalvageable. Damaged teeth are teeth that are severely broken or cracked, and the dentist will choose to extract them. The dentist will often put dentures in place of the damaged teeth. These dentures look the same as real teeth.

What's the real story?

In conclusion, keep a close eye on oral and dental hygiene. The dentist will give pain-relieving medicine after a tooth extraction. Furthermore, dentists advise adopting healthier eating habits, as snacks can cause damage to teeth. More importantly, oral diseases are avoidable with constant care of teeth, like brushing and flossing. Oral infections are a serious health concern. If you think you have decaying teeth, visit a dentist near you as soon as possible.

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