7 Ways to Quickly Relieve Toothaches

Published on
June 19, 2024
7 Ways to Quickly Relieve Toothaches

Toothaches can be the absolute worst because they can have an effect on just about everything. It may feel impossible to eat, or to even think and sleep. A lot of toothaches also cause discomfort in the head as well, making it impossible to focus on other tasks.

They are often caused by cavities, decay, erosion or an infection of some sort. Being able to identify why the pain is occurring might be vital in determining the best way to treat the pain. While toothaches can be agitating, there are ways to go about relieving the pain until a dentist appointment can be scheduled.

7 Ways to Quickly Relieve Toothaches

1. A thorough cleaning

At times, toothaches occur because there are leftover food particles lodged in between two teeth. Over the period of a few hours, this can cause pain because there isn’t supposed to be anything stuck there! A thorough cleaning of the teeth can help to ensure that there aren’t any left behind bits. Be sure to brush and floss gently avoiding discomfort, but ensuring that nothing remains stuck.

2. A cold compress

If the tooth pain is consistent enough, it may be also affecting the entire jaw, cheeks or face. If there is swelling around the face area, then the cold compress would also aid in bringing that down. If something such as an ice pack is applied long enough to the area that is in pain, it might help to decrease this. The coldness of the compress will aid in numbing the pain for the time being.

3. Over the counter medications

Although it may seem obvious, over the counter medications can be quite beneficial when it comes to toothaches. Most that include a pain reliever will help to decrease the amount of pain felt in the tooth. While it isn’t an immediate reliever, nor a long term solution, over the counter medications should soothe any pain in the tooth for a short time. Be sure to swallow the medication, avoid it hitting teeth or gums as this may cause more discomfort.

4. Hydrogen peroxide rinse

Hydrogen peroxide has been known to aid in many dental related problems. While it is a bacteria destroyer, it also helps with inflammation of the surrounding tissues, like the gums. Hydrogen peroxide will kill off any bacteria that may be causing the pain as well as give the entire mouth a good cleaning. Diluting it with water will ensure that the mouth isn’t exposed to too much of it at once.

5. Fresh garlic

It has been said that fresh garlic cloves act as their own natural remedy to all sorts of pain. However, because the teeth are in the same area as where consumption takes place, it makes for double the pain killer. Fresh raw cloves of garlic kill off any living bacteria that might be causing an infection or disease. Toothaches can typically form due to bacterial infections or diseases, consuming garlic will kill these off.

Garlic is also a pain reliever and again, because it is consumable, it makes for a great pain reliever. Crush the cloves up into a paste and spread it all around the area that is hurting the most. Although it might not cure the pain immediately, it will relieve some of it. Feel free to swallow after a while as well, because the body can always use a bacteria killer!

6. A saltwater rinse

Saltwater is known to cleanse the mouth and rinsing with saltwater can be beneficial even to a healthy mouth. However, if there is a throbbing toothache occurring then definitely try doing a saltwater rinse. Saltwater is a natural way to disinfect areas of the mouth such as gums or teeth. The swishing will help release anything stuck in between the gums that could be causing pain. If inflammation is occurring around the aching area, then the saltwater will also help decrease this.

7. Alcohol

While the consumption of alcohol healing pain is a very old tradition, it has been known to be quite effective. Although this remedy should only be used for people over the age of 21, it can have quite the effect on an aching tooth. The agents within alcohol disinfect the entire mouth including the gums and the teeth. If there is an infection or disease causing the pain, the alcohol will kill it, hopefully ending the aching. Swish whiskey or vodka in the mouth for a few seconds then spit it out. Another option would be soaking a cotton ball in alcohol and letting it sit on the aching area.

Toothaches are never enjoyable, and finding ways to relieve some of the pain can be irritating when you’re already in pain. Knowing at-home solutions to soothe the pain until making it to the dentist can be helpful for those killer aches.

If you have further questions or want more suggestions on relieving tooth pain then give us a call today. We’re happy to assist in taking away your pain!

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