What if You Never Get a Dental Checkup?

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Sadly, a lot of people do not go to the dentist for a regular dental checkup. For some, it has to do with budget issues. For others, there never seems to be enough time. Regardless, this is something that you never want to overlook. After all, you need to put yourself first, which means having your teeth checked.

How often do dentists suggest a dental checkup?

According to dental professionals, people should have their teeth and gums checked twice a year. Of course, if someone experiences an issue, they can go whenever they need to. But seeing a dentist every six months is the right way to avoid potential problems. Checkups do not take long and are well worth it.

What does a regular dental checkup consist of?

The purpose of visiting a dentist every six months is so a professional can examine a person’s teeth and gums. While there, three people typically assist. That includes a dental hygienist who cleans the teeth, a tech who takes X-rays, and the dentist who performs the exam. The three combined focus on keeping patients’ mouths healthy.

What is plaque?

Even when brushing and flossing daily, plaque can build up. What happens is that certain foods and beverages are not completely removed. Anything with sugar and starches left after brushing and flossing can get stuck in crevices. Then, bacteria form, which produce an acid that causes plaque.

Does plaque damage teeth?

It certainly can. Unless people have a dental checkup, plaque continues to build inside of the mouth. Over time, that can cause damage to the tooth enamel. As the enamel erodes, cavities develop. But there is another risk. Plaque hardens and becomes tartar that can form below the gumline, creating a secondary problem.

What about gum disease?

Without having plaque removed by a dentist, a buildup can lead to periodontal disease. Also referred to as gum disease, this can push the gums away from the teeth. If that happens, the teeth no longer have the support needed. As a result, people can start to lose their teeth.

There is also the infection aspect to consider. If a person’s gums become infected, it is possible to experience several serious health conditions. That includes diabetes, heart disease, and even stroke. Often, the first sign of gum disease and plaque is bad breath. Also, many people will notice blood when brushing.

Looking at this from an aesthetic point of view

Along with the health risks associated with not having a dental checkup, people can expect their teeth to become yellowed and stained. As imagined, that often leads to embarrassment when talking or smiling. Overall, avoiding the dentist is potentially dangerous. It is not worth the risk.

Taking care of yourself

With so many bad things that can happen by not seeing a dentist regularly, this is not something you want to avoid. For the health of your mouth and body, regular checkups are essential. Keep in mind that a lot of clinics offer flexible scheduling. Some even have nighttime appointments available.

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