Methods Used to Preview Smile Makeover Options

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Individuals who want to invest in a smile makeover have many options when it comes to repairing missing and broken teeth, misaligned bites, and crooked teeth. Some may experience feelings of nervousness and uncertainty about the final result of such a process. However, a dentist can help patients feel more confident by using several different makeover preview options and giving these individuals a glimpse of a new and beautiful future smile. 

The benefits of a smile makeover preview 

Dentists offering different options for fixing patients' smiles usually have the means and technology to show how a few changes can improve oral health as well as the patients' appearance for the better. There are several benefits to these types of programs: 

  • Increasing patient confidence in a makeover process 
  • Helping patients make more informed choices 
  • Improving patient feedback regarding any makeover procedure 

Previews can also help anxious or hesitant patients who are fearful of the dentist's office, as the makeover previews offer the opportunity to ask questions about teeth replacement options and procedures to straighten crooked teeth. Technological advancements now offer more options for patients who are eager to see the final results of a makeover. 

Before and after photos 

While discussing methods of repairing and replacing broken or missing teeth can help patients understand the overall process, offering examples of the results with before and after photos can provide a more concrete understanding of how various treatment options can change a person's smile. Most dentists keep photo albums of past patients' makeovers not only to showcase their skills but to help current visitors to the office better visualize the end result of a smile makeover

Dental imaging software 

Today's technology allows dentists to use 3D imaging software to create a model of patients' teeth and manipulate those models to show patients how implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures can help to improve the smile. This technology is useful because it allows dentists to rotate the models and show patients how longer treatments can change the look and position of the teeth over time. 

Dental imaging software can also provide patients with a time-lapse version of a treatment and demonstrate its effects on the teeth. This can give patients a better idea of how long a certain process can take and what can be expected over the weeks or months ahead. 

Wax models 

Dentists who prefer a more hands-on demonstration of how a smile makeover can improve the lives of patients may make wax replicas of these individuals' current smiles. The model can then be adjusted with treatment options so those considering a makeover can have a life-sized model of how particular procedures can have a positive impact on any smile. 


Individuals who suffer from missing, broken, discolored, or crooked teeth may have an easier time imagining their new smile with previews of dental makeover options. No matter the need of each patient, these useful sneak peeks can make anyone confident about a bright and healthy smile for the future. 

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