3 Common General Dentistry Procedures

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General dentist visits play an important role in long-term oral health and keeping your smile clean and looking great. In addition to preventive visits, general dentists also assist patients with restorative dental care and more extensive treatments, such as teeth replacement. The following is a review of three common general dentistry procedures.

Common types of general dentistry procedures

Three common types of general dentistry procedures are routine dental cleanings, direct dental restorations (dental filling) and teeth replacements. Of course, there are numerous other dental procedures, but these three are what patients can expect most general dentists to offer. 

Routine dental cleaning

A routine dental cleaning is a dental procedure that involves removing plaque and tartar from the surface of teeth and along the gum line. This improves oral health overall by reducing the risk of weakened enamel and eventual tooth decay. This also prevents teeth stains from developing. Routine dental cleaning reduces the risk of periodontal issues, such as gum pockets that are too deep, gum recession and periodontal disease. The procedure is affordable (and often covered by insurance), non-invasive and typically takes less than an hour to complete. 

Direct dental restoration

A direct dental restoration is any dental procedure that is completed in a single visit. The purpose is to restore the health of a damaged tooth. The most common type of direct dental restoration is known as a dental filling. This is a procedure that involves removing the decayed portion of a tooth and filling it with amalgam, porcelain, glass ionomer, silver or gold material. The procedure is safe and only takes one office visit, and the patient can fully recover within a few hours. 

Teeth replacement

Teeth replacement may be required for various reasons. Teeth can fall out naturally as patients age or from poor oral hygiene. Teeth replacement may also be necessary if a tooth extraction is necessary or after dental trauma that results in a blow to the mouth. General dentists offer several ways to replace missing teeth, including partial dentures, complete dentures, fixed bridges and dental implants. General dentists can tailor a teeth replacement plan to fit the patient’s precise need, preference and budget. 

When to visit a general dentistry practice

Patients are encouraged to visit the general dentist once every four to six months for a dental check-up. Of course, any signs of cavities (i.e., tooth discoloration, weakened enamel, tooth sensitivity, etc.) require a dental visit, along with any instances of tooth loss or a severely damaged or loose tooth. General dentists can handle cosmetic concerns, such as teeth stains, and many offer orthodontic care as well. 

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